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The SPARK Actuator Series has been designed to provide medical researchers and early-stage entrepreneurs who already have great ideas with a guided pathway to securing a license or investment funding for their discovery.
Designed as a progression from the SPARK Co-Lab Design Course (although completion of Design is not required to take part in Actuator), the SPARK Actuator is a series of lectures that will run over a 12-month period starting in February 2018.  Sign up to our mailing list or enquire below to receive further details as they become available.
Proudly supported by the City of Perth, the SPARK Actuator lecture series will cover all start-up development stages from R&D to post-commercialisation, including a focus on investor pitching and entrepreneurial skills, for drugs, biologics and medical devices. Participants will benefit from exposure to industry-leading mentors, and form networks to help their research become realised, with the aim of building an ecosystem and forming bridges between universities, industries and investors.

The SPARK Actuator Series will be run free of charge, and will be open to anyone with an interest in strengthening Perth and Western Australia’s medical and biotech innovation capabilities. If you are interested in learning more or becoming a lecturer, please get in contact.